The   Massive Open Online Course “Promoting vaccination and tackle vaccine hesitancy” aims at enhancing   knowledge, communication, cultural and social skills of healthcare professionals  and   empowering  them fighting disinformation, tackling the vaccine hesitancy and improve vaccine confidence to more hesitant people and especially those from disadvantaged groups.

The course is addressing the healthcare and social care workers involved in delivering vaccination, nurses or doctors, school or community nurses, teachers and students of these fields or other healthcare professionals wishing to improve their knowledge and skills on vaccination.

The course was organized into four Modules: Cultural Awareness, Cultural Knowledge, Cultural Sensitivity, and Cultural Competence.

Read more about the Course goals, learning outputs, course procedure, evaluation and certificates in English, Romanian, Spanish and Greek.

 The IENE 11 MOOC facilitators: 

A number of 16   facilitators   trained in Limassol, Cyprus   conducted  the learning on the MOOC  and supported  participants in their learning.

Download the   the MOOC Facilitator Manual.

“I am more involved in the community regarding vaccination policy.” Irina-Maria, Romania

“I feel an enhanced sense of duty to educate, advocate, and ensure that children receive the best protection against preventable diseases.”  Antonia, Greece

“I improved confidence in the vaccination processes of vulnerable patients.” Reyes Álvarez, Spain

The MOOC was  delivered for six weeks, starting from  2th of October  to 10th of November 2023.
The  210 participants enhanced their knowledge, cultural communication, and social skills, being more confident  to     promote vaccination.
Download the MOOC Guide and  content for  further use our MOOC  to prepare  healthcare workforce to  improve vaccine confidence and  thereby contributing to population health.

  • Compendium of the  Learning Activities in English, Romanian, Spanish and Greek.
  • Download the MOOC  Best Practice Guide.

 The Course content is  under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.