The partners created a  set of 16 Bite-sized learning tools aiming to increase the level of knowledge on vaccine and vaccination of healthcare professionals and  support them to promote vaccination and tackle with vaccine hesitancy.

The Bite-sized learning tools follow the constructs of the PTT/IENE11  Model and each tool addresses a specific topic of  the specific Curriculum Modules:  1. Cultural Awareness, 2. Cultural Knowledge,  3. Cultural Sensitivity and  4. Cultural Competence.

The tools are organized in an attractive form with links to additional resources, short Youtube videos, animations and other information sources as podcast, articles, etc., collected from the Internet.

The  Bite-sized Learning tools are available on the website in English, Romanian, Spanish and Greek and  can be downloaded and used by healthcare workers for  their self  learning.

A  Compendium  of  all the  Learning tools in English, Greek , Romanian,    Spanish    can be also  downloaded   from the    project website  at