The project will start with  research on vaccination and immunization to detect the key issues and establish the topics  for the Informative Guide and the partners will map on Internet for the informative resources and tools  which can be used by healthcare staff  for to improve update and upgrade their knowledge on vaccine and  vaccination.

Then, the partners will create   the info sheets, translated  in all partners’ languages and will organize informative campaigns among vulnerable groups  and vaccine hesitant people.

Building on the   PPT/IENE Model developed in previous IENE projects, partners will establish the training Curriculum of healthcare  professionals  involved in vaccination and immunization aiming at enhancing their  competence    to  tackle with vaccine hesitancy,  communicate and social  relationship skills to work with  people coming from  hard to reach groups.

The  partners will  create Bite sized   learning tools,  organized in a attractive form with links to additional resources, You tube videos, animations and  other information sources collected from the Internet in CC license which will be posted  on the  web platform in the form of   easy to navigate course in all partners’ languages  to be used by healthcare staff  for self learning and  improve their knowledge on vaccination.

Under the coordination of  Edunet, partners will create a methodology and content for a Training Course on vaccination  and set up the   Online Course  (MOOC),   aiming to train  healthcare professionals to  tackle with vaccine hesitancy.

The course will be delivered, piloted and evaluated during six weeks.

The participants    will     increase their  knowledge about  vaccination,  cultural awareness and cultural knowledge    about hesitant and vulnerable people , their thinking and cultural   beliefs  in front of vaccination and increase their skills to inform , advice about vaccination, promote and advocacy combat misunderstanding and myths of vaccination ,  influence, get trust, persuade and improve  vaccine confidence to  hard to reach groups.