The IENE 11 PROVAC project is a strong response to the important and actual European demand,  underlined  in  EU Strategy for COVID-19 vaccines to prepare health professionals as trusted sources of information on vaccination matters  and empower them  to address vaccine hesitancy, tackle the misinformation and disinformation, ensure clear communication on the benefits, risks and importance of COVID-19 vaccines and build  public confidence in vaccines.

The project aims to support and train the healthcare professionals to promote vaccination and tackle with vaccine hesitancy, to enhance their  knowledge on vaccine and vaccination and develop  skills of  communication, cultural   and social  relationship skills,  empowering  them fighting disinformation, tackling the vaccine hesitancy and improving vaccine confidence to people that are more hesitant or people from disadvantaged groups.

The project objectives are:

  • To increase the level of knowledge on vaccine and vaccination of the healthcare professionals and  support  them to  promote vaccination and tackle with vaccine hesitancy
  • To strengthen the aspects related to vaccination and immunization in the training curricula and education of healthcare professionals
  • To increase  quality in  continuing training of healthcare workers  involved in vaccination